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What is the confirmation fee used for?

The confirmation fee funds a number of services designed to support students in their first year at the University. This includes the Orientation, Advisement, and Registration program, Bulldog Welcome Week, and more.

How do I pay the confirmation fee?

You have options for paying the confirmation fee.

Bulldog Resource Center
Solon Campus Center 42
1117 University Drive
Duluth, MN 55812

How should I prepare for my Orientation Day?

For details on how to prepare for your Orientation, Advisement, and Registration program, please visit the appropriate website:

Spring OAR

Fall OAR

Can I change my major?

If you're thinking about changing majors, call the Office of Admissions toll-free at 1-800-232-1339 or locally at 218-726-7171. They'll help you consider majors that are available to you.

Please note that, should you change your major to a collegiate unit that is different from your original major, you may be required to change your OAR date. The Bulldog Resource Center can assist you with this. You can contact them at 218-726-6393.

Does everyone have to attend OAR in person?

Most majors require the attendance of in person Orientation, Advisement & Registration. The only majors that are not required are the Online Psychology program, the Tribal Administration and Governance Program and the Post Bachelors Education degree program. These programs will be invited to Abridged Orientation which is a virtual only program.